Art exhibits @ spl

In partnership with the Monroe Area Council for the Arts


Graphite, Color Pencil, Acrylic, and Mixed Media Paintings

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Allan Sibley's works are on display at Sweetwater Public Library until January 31st, 2021.
They can be viewed during the library's open hours. For information on purchasing artwork, please
contact the artist.

Allan Sibley attended the Cambridge School of Art in England for five years studying art, design, graphics, and illustration and was awarded the LSIAD degree (Licentiate to the Society of Industrial Artists and Designers). During this time, Allan won several awards from the Royal Academy of Arts in London.

Allan has close to 40 years in the creative service industry as Art and Creative Director, producing solutions for clients in Europe and in the USA, collaborating with international graphic, design, advertising, and marketing agencies for international clients.

Allan Sibley is currently working with various mediums, color pencil, oil and acrylic paints, and mixed media. He loves vibrant colors as this gives his art great depth, texture, vitality, and expresses his personality. "My art provides me with a pathway for my ideas to the realm of imagination and invention based on observation and experience."

Allan's art can be found in private and corporate collections and considers commissions. Allan exhibits his art in local and national juried shows and has won many awards, and is a member of several art groups in East Tennessee, President of the Visual Arts Alliance, and a Board member of the Monroe Area Council for the Arts.

Artist Contact: Allan Sibley, Artist
144 Gose Lane, Sweetwater TN 37874
Facebook/Instagram: allansibleyart