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In partnership with the Monroe Area Council for the Arts

FEATURED ARTIST: Shelia Chesanow


Shelia Chesanow's works are on display at Sweetwater Public Library until July 30th, 2021.
They can be viewed during the library's open hours. For information on purchasing artwork, please
contact the artist.

"If these photographs have a mission, it is to capture frequently viewed objects, environments and scenes and present them in an interesting way. For me, photography is much more than a snapshot, hobby or a way to capture moments in time. Photography is art. It can be described as an expression of my own vision and feelings.

It may be a plant, a leaf in a creek bed, the details of a frog or a young Cherokee girl’s handmade skirt representing her ancestry. Whatever the locale, these images will stir up unexpected feelings and thoughts in the viewer.

I have done my job if these photographs make you look more closely at the beauty of the world around you."
- From Sheila Chesanow Photography's website, retrieved 5/4/2021.

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