Library Cards


The following is required to get a library card:

  • Current valid form of ID (not expired/about to expire)

  • Proof of address (other than your ID)

​We accept all valid and current forms of government-issued ID, and for proof of address we will accept vehicle registrations, bill/bank statements (both physical and electronic), voter registrations, recent post-marked mail, or anything similar that is official and not junk mail.

Please call us at (423) 337-5274 if you have any questions or concerns!


Lost your library card, or is it old, worn and battered from overuse?

You can get a replacement card at the following cost:

  • 1st replacement: $2.50

  • 2nd replacement: $5.00

  • 3rd+ replacement: $10.00


Does your school use the Sora app? If so, you already have FREE access to TN READS! We've partnered with Brown Intermediate, Sweetwater Primary School, Sweetwater Junior High to bring our digital collection to you for FREE! Ask your school librarian on how to set up Sora.

Are you a school librarian interested in getting Sora and TN READS access for your school? Send the library an email to get started!