COVID-19 Information


A: Curbside services only:
Curbside library checkout

10:30 AM - 5:30 PM

Please follow any directions a library staff member gives you, as this plan is subject to change at any point.

Q: WHAT IS YOUR reopening PLAN?

A: As we monitor COVID-19 in Monroe County and the surrounding counties, the library will shift between phases depending on the total number of active cases.

Phase 3: Open 5 days a week to all groups for in-house checkout, with both the main library and children's library open. Maximum capacity is 10 patrons, browsing limited to 30 minutes. Curbside, printing services, and the express computer still available. Longer computer sessions still appointment only.

Regardless of which phase the library is currently operating under, Sweetwater Public Library staff will be wearing masks. The library encourages the use of masks inside the library, along with frequent hand washing and social distancing.

For more information on active case counts and other Tennessee COVID-19 data, click here.


A: You have two options when it comes to curbside service!

Method 1: Head over to our card catalog, log in with your library account, and search for the items you want. If we have it, it'll appear in the search listings. Click on the "Request This Item" button to reserve the item.

Method 2: Call the library with a list of titles that you know you'd like. Please have a list prepared, as staff may not have time to search for the exact book you're looking for.

Once you've reserved all your items, wait about 30 minutes for staff to pull them from the floor, then head over to the library. There are 2 numbered spaces marked for curbside pickup. Give the library a call, let us know which spot you're in, and a staff member will bring them out to your vehicle.

q: Do you have computers available?

A: The library currently has a 30-minute express computer for walk-in patrons. It does not require a library card to use. For those who need more time on the computer, please call the library at (423) 337-5274 and to book a longer session on one of the 1-hour computers (subject to availability).

There is also FREE Wi-Fi in our parking lot, available from the comfort of your vehicle. Connect to SPL Public Access Wireless, then hit the green Connect button when it asks you to sign in to the network.

Q: Are you still holding library programs?

A: At this time, all regularly scheduled programming has been postponed until further notice. Please check Facebook, Instagram, or our website for the latest updates. Digital programming options (videos and interactive escape rooms) are available from the comfort of your home, as well as a list of other virtual activities, educational materials, and important information all in one place. Scroll further down to see it!

Q: Can i still get volunteer hours at the library?

A: For our volunteers' safety, the library is offering two types of volunteer service with the library:

  1. Outdoor Work - If you're able to work outside pulling weeds, raking leaves, and helping maintain our flowerbeds, please email our Volunteer Coordinator and sign up using the form below.

  2. Online Work - The library is asking our volunteers who aren't able/uncomfortable with in-person work to create short craft or story time videos for use on our social media pages. If you're interested in this opportunity, send our Volunteer Coordinator an email to get started.

q: Where can I view the library's pandemic policy/PLan?


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